Jo Dee Baer responds to FTC TRO action against Jay Noland and Success by Health on Building Fortunes Radio

Jo Dee Baer has a regular radio show on Building Fortunes Radio.
After the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) closed Success by Health down “temporarily” through a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) , her daily routine was turned upside down and inside out. She went from hard working leader/ distributor to something completely different in an instant.

The FTC froze the owners assets, stopped the business, and interrupted the lives and livelihoods of hundreds, maybe thousands of people.

Full disclosure: Peter Mingils hosts the shows with Jo Dee Baer.
Peter Mingils owns Building Fortunes Radio and
Peter Mingils has no distributorship or has / had financial interest / exchanges with Jay Noland or any of his companies.
Peter Mingils and his company has been paid by Jo Dee Baer and some SBH Distributors for services rendered related to past and related and unrelated business.

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