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Training and Community for Your doTERRA Biz Success

Are You Stuck in Your doTERRA Business?

Maybe you are asking the WRONG questions...

The right questions will determine whether you attract and enroll customers, oil sellers, or business network builders.

Who do you want on YOUR team?

The MLM Mastery Club guides you to finally start making REAL money in your business.

How Can The MLM Mastery Club Help You?

We find that most leaders push to find customers to buy essential oils and products. Then they push their customers to become sellers. This feels icky and generates small monthly checks known as “hobby income”.

That Ends Today.

The MLM Mastery Club shows you how to build a stable, predictable doTERRA business so you can spend your valuable time on things you really want to do.

Getting truthful and effective information about how to successfully build your doTERRA business has been a challenge in the past. 

And, whether it is traveling with family and friends, donating to your favorite charities, or building a legacy for your family, it’s YOUR Valuable Time!

We save you time and energy because we give you the essence of how to attract the right type of people to your team.

Why Not Spend Your Time Doing Things that Matter to You?

Join the MLM Mastery Club and learn from doTerra Diamonds and other doTERRA Wellness Advocates who are doing the work to achieve massive success in their lives.

A Message From Ron...

If you have been building your doTERRA business for months, years, or heaven forbid even a decade without the success you were “promised” when you started, maybe it is time you considered doing it a different way. (Remember that old definition of insanity?)

Let me tell you a bit about the origins of the MLM Mastery Club.

Hi, I'm Ron Wilder, a doTERRA Diamond and Creator of the MLM Mastery Club

I’ve personally tried a bunch of network marketing businesses in the past but didn’t have success until I decided to build it a different way with doTERRA. 

It was May of 2011 and I was in financial trouble and needed to make something… ANYTHING work. That’s when doTERRA appeared on my radar. I HAD to be successful with doTERRA

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a personal “network” before I started and I wasn’t a social creature. (I’m an engineer, after all… LOL) 

So, I studied and studied. Then, one day while I was digging into the compensation plan diagrams, it hit me. I would NEVER make the kind of money I needed just selling essential oils and products. (To this day, my wife tells people, “Ron cracked the code on the comp plan“).

The reality was there were hugely successful Diamonds and above and they all pushed “sharing the oils” just like all of the other companies I tried in the past. The truth was…

I Hated Selling Stuff!

The good news is that I discovered something else in the comp plan: The real big money wouldn’t show up until I created a network of team members who also wanted to build a business, not just sell oils. And I also realized that all I had to do was find other people who wanted what I wanted. I learned…

It's about people... not products, if you want the BIG bonuses!

It made ALL the difference in my business. In fact, with this new approach, my wife and I hit Silver in just over a month and then Diamond 18 months later!  All without a previously existing big network and mostly without trying to sell oils. (Shhh!)

I even wrote a book titled Beyond the Oils (Fundamental Secrets to Building a Sustainable Essential Oil Business) to help Wellness Advocates focus on team building rather than just selling oils.

In addition, I created a mobile app to help Wellness Advocates more easily connect with and follow up with their prospects and communicate with their team.

So, you can see that I'm dedicated to helping Wellness Advocates succeed!

If you are in doTerra and want to GET AHEAD THIS YEAR, it is time to shift your mindset and the words you currently use to build your business. Many Diamonds KNOW THIS but don’t teach it because they think it is easier to just show people how to sell products than to build a team. 

On top of that, the company pushes you to, wait for it… SELL PRODUCTS! It’s time for you to learn a better way.

"The MLM Mastery Club Will help You shift your Mindset and language For business success"

Our Mission

We empower Wellness Advocates to succeed in their doTERRA businesses through shared knowledge, skills, and tools. Our supportive communities offer expert guidance and encouragement as we journey together towards success.

Ready to join the club?

Want More Info?

If You are Still Undecided, Check Out these Club Members Benefits!

MLM Mastery Club Sneak Peek

Here is a Preview of Club Screens

Private Doterra Courses and Tools Bonus

Build Your Business With Targeted Wellness Advocate Resources

Example DoTERRA Oriented Course

Private DoTerra Member Resources

Even though we spend time on relationship building in the club, we also realize that you are building business.

So, we have private doTERRA Wellness Advocate courses, tools, and other resources to help you build your doTERRA Business.

This doTERRA Resources menu option is not available to network marketers from other companies using the system. It is exclusively for your use!

The cool thing is that you will also have access to all of the other club member resources that are described below:

You will be able to wander around to the other areas of the site for learning and mentoring by world-known network marketing giants in the “Pro Tools” area and redeem your earned points inside of the “Redeem Points” areas.

You can also sign up to be notified of upcoming events by accessing the “Event” menu tab.

And, of course, help is always available by clicking the “Help” tab. 

Includes Private doterra Community Area Bonus

Helps You Build Relationships with Other Wellness Advocates

Private doTERRA Community Area Connects YOU to Others Building doTERRA Businesses

DoTERRA Wellness Advocates value relationships a lot. Many other network marketing company distributors focus on business.

So, we have a private Community Wall (like Facebook) where you can share ideas, experiences and even create accountability with other Wellness Advocates.

You can also find other doTERRA members, follow them, send and receive messages with them, and even be notified by email when messages are received. 

We also include topic doTerra-specific discussion areas on topics like “prospecting tips”, “AromaTouch Prospecting”, “Compensation Plan Clarity”, and others so the information doesn’t get lost on the wall. (Ever try to find a message on facebook?  LOL)

You earn points and badges by participating on the Wall and in discussion areas and can even earn credits towards pro-courses by being in the top spots of the leaderboard.


Earn Activity Points by Participating in "The Club"

Redeem Your Earned Points!

Building your network marketing business should be fun. If it isn’t, you’ll get bored with it. 

That’s why we created a fun, club environment to learn, travel, and network with each other. 

As you participate in the club, you’ll earn activity points that you can cash in for quick courses, tools, and bonuses. In fact, when you join today as a lifetime member, you’ll earn 150 points you can use right away… or save for later for higher end courses and trip registration fees.

As more network masters join the platform over the coming months and years, this collection of quick courses and other resources will grow a lot. 

What's Included

Join the MLM Mastery Club Today and Get...

Member-Only Network Marketing Courses ($1000 value)

The MLM Mastery Club creates and produces its own courses that focus on helping you be successful as you grow your business. 

Member to Member “Wall” (Priceless)

The MLM Mastery Club includes a special Facebook-like message board that we call “The Wall” and is designed to allow you to connect with other club members for both social and professional help. You can filter your message to only those whom you follow, communities you belong to, or open it up anyone inside the club. Use the wall to not only ask for advice, but also help others on their journeys too! And when you post, you’ll earn activity points you can redeem for courses and other things.

FOUNDER BONUS #1: Lifetime Access to the Club Planning Your Week Zoom Calls ($997 value)

As a founding member of the club, you’ll get lifetime access to our weekly planning call access to the weekly “Planning Your Week” zoom calls to help you get crystal clear on the results you want to achieve this week, the activities that will help you get there, and other important tips to keep you on track. Each week, we’ll guide one volunteer through the process while everyone else on the call follows along filling in their form.

FOUNDER BONUS #2: Lifetime Access to the Club Office Hour Zoom Calls ($1997 value)

As a founding member of the club, you’ll get lifetime access to our weekly office hour (Ask Me Anything) zoom calls to answer the questions you can’t ask your upline! We know there is a lot of “Kool Aid” from upline in your business which may cause you to limit the types of questions you ask them. You can feel confident that when you ask these questions on the Office Hour Calls, we will answer them without sugar coating the answers.


All founding members will receive 150 free activity points you can use to access the club-produced courses and services. So, you can get training from day one without reaching for your wallet. Or, you can hang on to them and build them up month by month to access products that cost more points.

FOUNDER BONUS #4: World-Wide Member Map (Priceless)

The club is ALL ABOUT connecting you with other like-minded network marketers from AROUND THE WORLD! To help with this, we have created a custom World-Wide Member Map you can access to find other club members anywhere in the world. Not only can you find where they are, but you can access their name, bio, social media links they have shared, and their uploaded photo. Don’t worry, we blur everyone’s exact location on the map but you can set the level of fuzzyness. This is a cool feature. 

FOUNDER BONUS #5: Private DoTerra Community Area (Priceless)

If all you received was the lifetime MLM Mastery Club resources mentioned above, that would be an amazing value. But since you are a doTERRA Wellness Advocate joining us for this Pre-Launch, you’ll also get access to other doTERRA members in the club. You can share experiences, guidance, tears and fears, success tips, laughs, and even meet them on destination learning travel events. This is the “club” side of things which translated is all about RELATIONSHIPS with other wellness advocates. Some may be on your team but many others won’t be — and that’s a good thing! I suspect this bonus will become your favorite.

FOUNDER BONUS #6: Private DoTerra Business Resources (Priceless)

Since you are building a doTERRA BUSINESS, it only makes sense that we provide diamond-inspired and created tools to help you master YOUR doTERRA business in ways you have never thought about. You will learn things your upline doesn’t even know about.  (Maybe you can teach them! LOL) The knowledge, skills, and tools you’ll received will help you build a powerful team of network builders, not just customers and product sellers. There is a better way to build your business. Let us show you! This will probably be the most valuable bonus.

Limited OFFER Lifetime Membership BENEFITS

MLM Mastery Club doterra LIFETIME Membership ($997 value)

You get a single, lifetime price when you pre-order today. In the future, the club will only be available by subscription. This is your only opportunity to get the best deal possible and become a charter doTERRA member of the Club… FOR LIFE!

Free Lifetime Membership Upgrades ($997 value)

Every time we enhance the charter membership, you get the free upgrade…  For life — when you pre-order today. 

30 Day


Your Pre-Launch MLM Mastery Club Purchase is a zero risk investment.  We’re confident it’s going to save you time and you’re going to love it. But, if for any reason you change your mind within 30 days of us sending you the password to your account, just let us know and we’ll happily send you your money back, no questions asked.


The Apprentice Membership is for Wellness Advocates who want to start making money with doTERRA (Elite)

The Team Leader Membership is for Wellness Advocates who have already started making money but want to leave their job and do it full time. (Silver)

The Freedom Builder Membership is for Wellness Advocates who are Silver or above and want to create financial freedom for themselves and family. (Diamond)

What Length of Membership is Best?

monthly membership gives you the lowest point of entry to sample how the MLM Mastery Club can help you build your business.

A yearly membership gives you a stable program with monthly savings for a full 12 months so you can plan out how you can build your business to the next level. You will also have more time to help and receive help from others inside the product and business building communities.

A lifetime membership gives you all of the benefits of membership without any additional membership fees forever. You can develop life-long relationships with other wellness advocates who are not even on your team within the product testimonial/info and business building communities.

Membership Comparison Chart

Member Benefits


New Distributor

Team Leader

Building to Silver

Freedom Builder

Building to Diamond

doTERRA Business Training

doTERRA Product Training

doTERRA Testimonial Chat Community

doTERRA Biz Support Community

Earn Points for Free Content

Free Membership Updates

Worldwide Member Map Access

Live "Planning Your Week" Zoom Calls

Live Team Leader Office Hour Zoom Calls

FREE 5-Day MLM Mastery Challenge

Access to Zoom Call Recordings

$300 off of 60 Days to Silver (Y/L)

Tips to Go Silver Training (Y/L)

Live Freedom Builder Office Hour Zoom Calls

FREE Access to Workshops (Y/L)

Mastermind Group Coaching Calls (Y/L)

1 FREE Personal Coaching Call (Y)

3 FREE Personal Coaching Calls (L)

FREE Simple Connector Access (Y/L)

FREE Legal Website Pages (Y/L)

1 FREE 60 Days to Silver Membership (L)

5 coupons $300 off of 60 Days to Silver (L)

4 (1 Year) Team Leader Memberships (L)

2 FREE (1 month) Apprentice Memberships (L)

Note: Y or L = Bonuses for Yearly or Lifetime Members Only


Apprentice Member

Build Your Business to Elite
$ 10 Monthly
  • For New Wellness Advocates
  • doTERRA Business Training
  • doTERRA Product Training
  • Private doTERRA Business Community
  • Private doTERRA Product Community
  • Earn points to unlock more site content
  • Ability to upgrade

Team Leader Member

Build Your Business to Silver+
$ 20 Monthly
  • Perfect to Build to Silver and Beyond
  • doTERRA Business Training
  • doTERRA Product Training
  • Private doTERRA Business Community
  • Private doTERRA Product Community
  • LIVE Planning Your Week coaching calls
  • LIVE Team Leader Q&A coaching calls
  • Access to all prior Zoom call recordings
  • Discount to MLM Mastery Club workshops

Freedom Builder Member

Build Your Business to Diamond+
-- Monthly
  • Build to Diamond and Beyond
  • doTERRA Business Training
  • doTERRA Product Training
  • Private doTERRA Business Community
  • Private doTERRA Product Community
  • LIVE Freedom Builder Group Coaching calls
  • LIVE Planning Your Week coaching calls
  • Access to all prior Zoom recordings
  • "Tips to Go Silver Fast!" - Training
  • FREE MLM Mastery Club workshops
  • 1 FREE Personal Coaching Call
  • FREE Access to Simple Connector
  • FREE Website Legal pages

Apprentice Member

Build Your Business to Elite
$ 99 Yearly
  • For New Wellness Advocates
  • Save $$$: Only $8.25 per month!
  • Get 2 months FREE!
  • No monthly billing
  • Ability to upgrade
  • 12-month access to Business Community
  • 12-month access to Product Community
  • 12-month access to doTERRA biz training
  • 12-month use of doTERRA product training
  • 14 days Live Office Hour Zoom calls!
  • 30 days Live Planning Your Week calls!

Team Leader Member

Build Your Business to Silver+
$ 199 Yearly
  • Perfect to Build to Silver and Beyond
  • Save $$$: Only $16.58 per month!
  • Get 2 months FREE!
  • No monthly billing
  • 12-month access to Business Community
  • 12-month access to Product Community
  • 12-month access to doTERRA biz training
  • 12-month use of doTERRA product training
  • LIVE Team Leader Q&A coaching calls
  • LIVE Planning Your Week coaching calls
  • 12-month access to all prior Zoom recordings
  • "Tips To Go Silver Fast!" - Training

Freedom Builder Member

Build Your Business to Diamond+
$ 599 Yearly
  • Build to Diamond and Beyond
  • Only $50.00 per month!
  • No monthly billing
  • 12-month access to Business Community
  • 12-month access to Product Community
  • 12-month access to doTERRA biz training
  • 12-month use of doTERRA product training
  • LIVE Freedom Builder group coaching calls.
  • LIVE Planning Your Week coaching calls
  • 12-month access to all prior Zoom recordings
  • "Tips to Go Silver Fast!" - Training
  • FREE MLM Mastery Club Workshops
  • 1 FREE Personal Coaching Call
  • FREE access to Simple Connector
  • FREE Website Legal pages

Apprentice Member

Build Your Business to Elite
$ 197 Lifetime
  • For New Wellness Advocates
  • Lifetime access to Business Community
  • Lifetime access to Product Community
  • Lifetime access to doTERRA biz training
  • Lifetime access to doTERRA product training
  • 30 days Live Office Hour Zoom calls!
  • 60 days Live Planning Your Week calls!

Team Leader Member

Build Your Business to Silver+
$ 397 Lifetime
  • Perfect to Build to Silver and Beyond
  • Best Value! Pays for itself in under 2 years
  • Lifetime access to Business community!
  • Lifetime access to Product community
  • Lifetime access to doTERRA biz training
  • LIfetime access to doTERRA product training
  • All LIVE Planning Your Week coaching calls
  • All LIVE Team Leader Q&A coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to all prior Zoom recordings
  • "Tips to Go Silver Fast!"- Training

Freedom Builder Member

Build Your Business to Diamond+
$ 1497 Lifetime
  • Build to Diamond and Beyond
  • Best value! Pays for itself in under 2 years!
  • LIFETIME access to Business Community
  • LIFETIME access to Product Community
  • LIFETIME access to doTERRA biz training
  • LIFETIME access to doTERRA product training
  • All LIVE Freedom Builder Q&A coaching calls
  • All LIVE Planning Your Week coaching calls
  • Lifetime access to all prior Zoom recordings
  • Tips to Go Silver Fast!" - Training
  • FREE MLM Mastery Club Workshops
  • 3 FREE Personal Coaching Calls Yearly
  • FREE access to Simple Connector (CRM)
  • FREE Website Legal pages
  • 1 FREE membership to 60 Days to Silver
  • 10 $300 off coupons for 60 Days to Silver
  • 4 (1 year) Team Leadership Memberships
  • 2 FREE (1 month) Apprentice memberships

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! Just let us know that you want to upgrade by sending an email to and we’ll guide you through the process.

You will only have to pay the difference between what you already paid and the upgraded price.

Note: Don’t wait too long because the current yearly and lifetime prices will increase as we add more content to the memberships.

Also, we probably won’t offer a lifetime option too much longer. We will announce any price changes via email. So make sure to whitelist email from

Yes, the MLM Mastery Club has specialty courses to help you hone in to areas where you need specific help.  

For example, we have a podcasting course to get your message out, a crucial partner course for couples who want to work together to build their business, an online marketing course to help you leverage the internet to find team members, 60 Days to Silver to help you accelerate your business growth, and many more!

Yes, but the good news is that if you buy the 60 Days to Silver course, we will include a Team Leader membership for 4 months!

Simple Connector is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool for network marketers.

Currently, it is in the final stages of testing and documentation.

Ron has designed this simple but powerful app to make follow-up with prospects quick, accurate, automatic, and PAINLESS!

Freedom builders will be the first to use this tool and then they can train their teams on how to use it to automate follow-up, quick website creation, task and contact management, etc.

This tool will save you time while you connect and, most importantly, follow up with your prospects. It is designed to help you to add interested people to your team.

Within the club, there are many types of training, including downloadable business PDFs, webinars, courses and more.

Some are product centered, and others are business centered to help you build your dōTERRA business.

Others are general as we invite experts to use our platform to teach network marketing courses which include topics like money management, how to get out of debt, generic MLM courses, how to become a podcaster, using social media to build your business and more.

Your club membership includes some of these courses, while others require an extra fee.

You earn points by participating in club activities.

We encourage participation and the more you are involved, the more you will get rewarded with points.

You can earn points for signing up, logging in, completing your profile, buying courses, and taking part in the various communities.

The Team Leader Office Hour calls are another type of group coaching.

This is your chance to ask Ron any business question you may have.

Take advantage of his years in dōTERRA leadership to help you grow your dōTERRA business.

Ron has been in the business of helping other Wellness Advocates build their businesses for years.

Whenever he has a Planning Your Week call or an Office Hour call, he records it.

Some things in dōTERRA have changed, but the basics of building your business has not. Dive into this past treasure trove of information to help you build your business today

This is an hour-long training where Ron gives a quick overview of some vital things to help you gain the rank of Silver.

Watch this training get some actionable tips to help you advance rank more quickly.

As the MLM Mastery Club adds new features and benefits, the price charged may be higher in the future but we won’t change the price you are paying for your chosen membership.

For those who buy the lifetime membership, you never have to worry about any price increases! We will grandfather you in at your current price for your chosen membership.

If you upgrade to a new membership level, we will charge you the rate at the time of the upgrade. We will give you notice before any price increases happen so you can take advantage of the prices before the increase.

Please send an e-mail to We will be happy to assist you.

Also, click the “How Can I Help” chat icon on the lower right side of this page. There are some nice resources there that you can download to learn more about how to build a successful dōTERRA business.

The Business Community is a Facebook-like forum where you can post business challenges, share wins, and ask pointed questions to get ideas on how to work your business even while you share your knowledge and encouragement with others.

This is a club and we love member participation.

We encourage people to help others no matter whose upline you may be associated with.

There is not a single right way to build your dōTERRA business. Try other people’s ideas, tweak your personal approach, and see how others are building their businesses.

You will learn and grow both personally and professionally.

We encourage brand new Wellness Advocates, as well as those who have achieved higher ranks, to teach and share with others informally to help them grow their businesses.

This is a Facebook-like community where Wellness Advocates can share product testimonials publicly with other Wellness Advocates.

The FDA forbids product sellers from sharing product testimonials, which can get Wellness Advocates in trouble with dōTERRA.

Since the MLM Mastery Club is not selling essential oils or essential oil products, this is the perfect “safe place” to share your experiences with the great products of dōTERRA freely.

This private sharing space is accessible only for Wellness Advocates who are also club members.

Share and learn how to use these special oils, their health benefits, diffuser blends, food recipes and more.

Post your experiences here without fear of backlash or censorship and learn about the fantastic products you are selling.

The 5-Day MLM challenge is a pre-recorded five-day webinar that teaches you how to shift your marketing mindset from selling products to signing up business builders.

Then, as a leader, you get to teach your people to do the same. This shift in mindset can significantly increase your monthly commission checks!

In the MLM Mastery Club you can “buy” this webinar with your earned participation points.

Just by signing up for one of the memberships, you will get enough points so you can take this course almost immediately.

Begin to think differently and act accordingly to increase your MLM profits.

The 5 days of the MLM challenge include:

  1. Overview of the challenge.
  2. Creating “WOW” conversations.
  3. Creating builders not buyers and sellers.
  4. Developing a duplicable team of business builders, not sellers.
  5. Recap and bonus lesson.

As you accumulate points, you can then use them to “buy” more club goodies.

We have “quick courses” which are sample courses so you can get a feel for both the instructor(s) and their topic of expertise while you learn new things.

The Worldwide map is a map showing the general geographic areas where other Wellness Advocates who are also club members live.

You can see who is in your general area, so you can make plans to connect with them in person either at home or on your travels.

Building a business takes both time and, even more importantly, an evolving plan.

During the Planning Your Week calls, Ron coaches a volunteer through their upcoming week, complete with all their normal responsibilities, to help them devise a plan for them to advance their business. 

For the volunteer, this is a personal coaching session. But for those who are listening, it is group coaching as you take what you hear and adapt it to your personal schedule and your prospects.

As you learn to plan your week on a Monday and work your plan throughout the week, you will see your business explode.

Team Builder Zoom calls are live Q&A sessions and cover topics that help you get to Silver. 

Guidance includes things like team motivation, Silver mindset, special tools to track and build your team, planning-your-week calls,  FDA/FTC compliance, etc.

You must have at least a Team Leader membership to participate. 

Freedom Builder Q&A Zoom calls are live and are for Wellness Advocates who have achieved Silver and are working for Diamond and above.

The topics of these calls are more focused on how to strategize network growth, motivating teams, learning, using special tools to communicate with team members, online presence, etc.

Only Freedom Builder members can participate in the Freedom Builder calls.

The staff of the MLM Mastery Club offers 1- and 2-day workshops.

Normally these workshops cost between $97 and $297 depending on the number of days the workshops involve.

These courses provide immersive, practical learning experiences to help you progress in your career and personal development, ultimately benefiting your business.

The workshops are included at no cost for Freedom Builder members. Team Leader members get discounted access to the workshops.

Ron offers personal coaching calls to help you strategize how to make the most of your current business and advance in rank.

With network marketing, there is strategy involved.

Learn how to place the people on your team to maximize the advantages for both of you.

When you talk with Ron, he will be straight with you, since he has no hidden agenda to maximize his business.

He will help you strategize to help you, so you can build YOUR business, which may not be the same as your upline does to maximize their business.

If you don’t need to strategize, but have other business challenges, you can ask him for his help in those areas.

These are one-on-one personal Zoom call meetings.

Many times, a Wellness Advocate who has successfully built a team desires their own website and an online presence.

Legal pages are vitally important to keep you and your business “safe” while online.

Ron will give you the required legal pages and will also help you install them onto your site. You will have much better legal protection.

Only members of the Freedom Builder level have access to website legal pages.


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