Redeem Points

The “Redeem Points” menu choice lets you use your earned points to “purchase” various quick-courses and various other tools to help you improve your business or knowledge all to help you build your business.

You earn these points by participating in the club.

Examples of club participation include:

  • Logging into the site on a regular basis
  • Posting in the club and community walls – get extra points by helping others!
  • Posting in the community topical discussions – get extra extra points by helping others!
  • Signing up for courses both pro-level and quick courses
  • Passing quizzes
  • and many other things

Quick courses are short courses of 3 to 5 video lessons that introduce you to a topic of interest. Think of quick courses as tips to help you learn and apply various concepts of network marketing so you can supercharge your business by just tweaking some things.

These short courses also introduce you to the various network marketing masters on the MLM Mastery Website so you can check out their instructional style and personality. If you like the instructor, you can then feel more confident that you will get value if you purchase their “Pro” level courses in the “Pro Courses and Tools” menu option.

The more you participate in the MLM Mastery Club, the more things open up to you and you learn more so that you can build your business more efficiently.

You can see how many points you currently have looking at the top menu bar.

Browse the options you can get with YOUR points!